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We have combined the best of two science base models, the Montessori Philosophy and Applied Behavior Analysis to optimize human growth and development in a proven measurable and observable methodology.  The Montessori philosophy uses the whole human development approach ensuring the person and environmental considerations and other confounding variables are considered.  

Our online education program is designed not as a parenting bible to follow but a guide for individuals to create a parenting style that is culturally appropriate, progressive and inclusive of modern entertainment with conscious consideration.

We look forward to collaborating with you and supporting you through  the evolution of your parenting techniques and journey.

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ITAE is a behavioral approach which empowers both the guide and recipient of the instruction.  Working with children now is very different from times of the past.  It’s not about discipline and obedience but preparation for our changing society.

The goal is to empower individuals who have opinions and ideas and allow them the opportunity to appropriately deliver them in a respectful tone where they can be celebrated.  We must see our children not as little people to be controlled but as your adults in the making.  

We have to review our roles as guides who inspire children and parents to aspire to their optimal potential.  Listed are some of the skills we support our families through.

  • Nurture emotionally strong, connected families.
  • Effectively redirect sibling rivalry.
  • Set boundaries and follow through.
  • Establish family meetings to teach leadership, values and problem solving.
  • The difference between inspiring to aspire vs dictating .
  • Teaching an independent thinking mindset.
  • Guiding through conflicts without power struggles.
  • When discipline is needed
  • Skills to remain calm and connected during the heat of the moment.
  • Understanding time out.
  • Assist children in developing self-control, responsibility and self-confidence. 
  • Defining the joy of parenting!