Treatment Sessions
in Private or in a Group

Our goal is to create a language rich environment to empower parents and excite children towards reaching their developmental goals. Early Intervention requires knowledge balanced with creativity.

The curriculum used is a subtle blend of Montessori philosophy. The focus is on daily life skills and the reinforcement schedule of aba scientific research based interventions.

Selecting activities are based on the child’s individual skills.  This approach focuses on care of self, care of the environment, grace and curtesy and knowledge and understanding of the world ( understanding our culture).  Through these core subject areas we build our vocabulary and motor skills as prerequisites for further learning objectives.

We encourage reality based toys and conversations, with a focus on what’s possible and real.  Our belief is: “A child must make sense of his world before exploring the world of make belief”.

The formative years are most important. It’s the defining moments of our personalities, what will emerge to be our attitudes, tolerances, work ethics.  These are the fundamentals which truly determine our successes and failures as we grow.